A management system is a set of rules and procedures defined in a standard recognized internationally, that an organization may apply in order to achieve defined goals such as customer satisfaction and continual improvement of performance. Our management system, production and design is certified since 2010 and is the recognition of the entrepreneurial skills of a company that has been able to optimize its organization of efficient management, adequate facilities and appropriate skills and is a guarantee of reliability for customers, suppliers, employees and partners.

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The UL Mark is the most widely recognized test, respected and accepted the conformity of a product to the US and Canadian safety requirements. UL certifications are much more than just marks. They are a universally recognized symbol of trust and security. There is nothing that demonstrates a company's commitment to safety and customer satisfaction as a UL Mark. Our company is certified both for the production of wirings of electronic enclosures. The latter besides being able to be manufactured according to UL 508A directives may also be made for specific applications as required by the standard UL 680A. For the wiring harnesses the relative standard is UL817.


rete ferroviaria dello stato

Our company has obtained by Rete Ferroviaria Italiana S.p.A. the provider qualifies for infrastructure and is regularly invited to participate in tenders for the supply of specific electrical equipment constructed according to strict technical requirements of RFI S.p.A.