Lighting division

The industrial railway sectors have always been very important for Cablotech s.r.l. In order to get the maximum satisfaction from their customer by guaranteeing quality and durability. Cablotech s.r.l has decided to create a range of lighting products, with unique characteristics, intended for a market that is increasingly seeking energy conservations and respect for the environment. Our design and engineering, done in collaboration with Progtech s.r.l, together with the choice of noble materials such as aluminium, stainless steel, tempered glass and the costant use of letest generation LED makes Cabotech s.r.l. an irreplaceable partner for those who require a long-lasting products- Allo our products are made in Italy and can be equipped with a dimmable control system wich allows the perfect management of existinf system both in terms of illuminating yield and diagnostic and energy saving.


  • Railway
  • Industrial
  • Heavy duty environmentr (Steelworksm Mills)
  • Warehoses (indoor and outdoor lighting)
  • Lighting towers

Developed products