For over 20 years we produce wiring cables of various types: from simple single-core cables (from section .0,25 to section 240 mm2) in PVC type N05-N07-H05-H07, N07G9K, silicon wires, FEP, glass fiber and AWG (from AWG 30 to AWG 4 / 0), UL / CSA of various style, in addition to the processing of multi-core cables with PVC, PUR, H01N2D, FG7, UL / CSA STANDARD. Fixed installation, flexible installation, robotics, flat cables, shielded flat rounds or not. All the wiring can be customized using inkjet black and white marked or labeled using special thermal transfer printers.

We meet every need of our customer about electrical wiring, offering infinite solutions in cables for power or signal under ( DESINA) , motor cables, feedback motor cables (resolver, encoder), profinet cables and fieldbus, serial cables, special cables terminated with a variety of connectors of the best known brands (Molex, TE connectivity foot, ITT Cannon, FCI, Amphenol, JST, Intercontec, Phoenix, Weidmuller, and many others) Cablotech also aims to also customer as a possible partner for a co-design of the wiring possessing the “know-how” needed.

Our wiring harnesses are manufactured according to European and American standards (UL817) like as showed in certifcations page.


We offer a service that includes the realization of the project execution, customer design, in development studies carried out on behalf or in cooperation with the customer. The company has advanced equipment for cutting activities and for cable operations, which together advanced test systems to guarantee the best seal and correct seaming ensure maximum reliability.