How to make used machines safe

The integration of safety is the basic approach of the machinery directive and must be the focus for all operators. The safety of machines and workplaces is the basis for workers safety. Safe machines make possible decrease in accidents and injuries.

The evolution of the legislation in Italy

With the Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC there has been a great improvement in the safety level of machines and equipment, but a large portion of the market is still made up of old machines.



Risk analysis

Risk assessment is the tool that allows the company to identify prevention and protection measures and plan their implementation, improvement and control in order to verify their effectiveness and efficiency.

In this context, it is possible to confirm the safety measures already in place or to make changes in order to improve them in relation to the technical and / or organizational innovations introduced in the field of security.

The evaluation of health and safety risks has a huge importance among the general protection measures that are the basis of the entire prevention system.

Technical office

Cablotech technical office is structured to solve problems and satisfy customers as manufacturers of machines and production plants. The company‚Äôs technicians mainly deal with feasibility analysis, budgeting, design, production organization, commissioning and consultancy. The office uses SAP as a management system and the most important hardware and software development systems.

Our activities are aimed at the following businesses: Metallurgical, Energy, Chemical, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Mechanical, Water, Cement, Ceramic, Brick, Glass, Ecological, Purification, Renewable Energy and Railway. 

In addition, the company is UL508A and UL698A certified, important certifications for the American and Canadian market.

Our archievements:

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